Lamba’s Royal Indian Food

Bringing Mumbai, India to your Market
I am so excited to tell everyone about Lamba’s Royal Indian Food because they are an amazing family and business! It was the most fun interview of the summer, and that’s saying something with all of HOPE’s great vendors!
Garrima and her husband met stateside though both are originally from India. They first lived in California, then in Houston before settling in their current home here in Austin (it took them awhile to find the best city in America). As a young adult Garrima studied history, then attended medical school in India. Afterwards, she started working in the hotel industry, followed by Estee Lauder. A Jill of all trades! So, how does a history buff who is also a medically trained businesswoman enter into the food business?
Well… it started with a dream Gurpreet Lamba – Garrima’s husband – had for his family.

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